The surprising sequel to COVID 19 is the sudden, strong and lasting scarcity of the supply of maritime container transport. The crisis first appeared on the Trans-Pacific market and spread to the Europe-Asia market, at the end of December, the freight ASIA-EUROPE for a 40F container passed over the symbolic bar of 5,000 USD, i.e. a 2.5-fold increase in 6 months. COVID 19 or consequence of the hyper concentration of the sector?

Only the American and Chinese Authorities have opened official investigations to understand the reasons for this situation. This rise in rates and the scarcity of the availability of equipment favor the promotion of local production and consumption with the positive corollary of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, even if on this last point the reduction of harmful emissions has long been a priority at the heart of the maritime transport industry’s strategies.

For KERTRADE, China-Europe transport in less than 20 days for less than USD 1,000 is to be stored in the souvenir department.

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