Shared services
To set up an operational import-export service

The basic investment amount to build up an efficient import/export department is generally
evaluated to 150.000 euro as a minimum. This amount is often too heavy in the starting
budget to access to the international market. KERTRADE propose you to introduce variability
for the essential of this budget by outsourcing this expertise and import/export service. This
formula allows you to reduce strongly your investment, keep the full control on your
commercial development and continue to have the opportunity to cover your prospection risk
by BPI France.

KERTRADE is acting as representative in your name and for your account :

  • You define the level of delegation
  • You keep your position of importer or exporter
  • You manage the structure and level of your margin
  • You have to validate each operation
  • We grant to you the highest level of confidentiality

Our process

- A first half-day meeting to understand and evaluate your needs
- We write a proposition of work in two steps

1st step : Inventory time

  • Clear definition of the task which will be carried by KERTRADE
  • Inventory, time and budget to
    • Adapt your organisation and IT for the business project
    • Build the data interface between your IT system and KERTRADE IT system dedicated to international trading
    • Digitalize (legal form) your commercial documents
    • Define all details about your import/export files

This first step is closed by an approved service contract.

2nd step : Effective preparation time

All preparation works defined at the first step are done, at the end of this
second step:

  • Your organisation has been upgraded in accordance with
    regulation and international business requested data.
  • All legal documentation, import/export licence if any are
    identified and/or ready
  • IT systems exchange software are running

This second and last step have to permit to GO LIVE for import/export operation and first shipment.