Kertrade Company
Experience & Skills

Internalization of business and specialization of factories require the companies to build more and more sophisticated logistics and supply chain organizations to connect production and consumption/distribution areas. In the same time the customers request highest quality of service due to global E-business practice.
On this assessment, I decided to launch KERTRADE with the main idea to preserve and share the know-how acquired on international trading supply chain, and secondly to bring to small and medium size companies an access to experimented international sales administration and supply chain services based on shared service.

Convinced that each company have to maintain the full control on the distribution channels of its products, KERTRADE is not acting as a commercial agent, but as technical support to the companies sales department, to provide the best expertise for the customer required to drive its operation on international market successfully.
KERTRADE has a strong operational supply chain expertise to AFRICAN MARKETS, AUTOMOTIVE, EQUIPMENT sectors and their after-sales services, HIGH TECH products (including Dual Use goods) and FMCG distribution businesses.

This operational expertise relies on a strong professional network, built over the years, with main world class operators for transportation, logistics, forwarding and all related organization such as Customs, Insurances, Survey Companies… which are key actors of international trade business.

Back to Brittany after many years in Africa and in Paris, I discovered a strong regional economic development with international markets supported by Bretagne Commerce International association. This atypical regional structure finished to convince me to create KERTRADE and bring my contribution to the regional development.

Alain CARO