To make the right decisions

A supply chain issue ? An international business project?
We, KERTRADE could help you to approach your matter with our expertise of international supply chain, with the support of official institutions and all mechanism dedicated to help companies to access to international markets.

An international project means taking calculated risk at the level of expected gains. A strong and right preparation (by anticipation) is the key to reduce the risk level.
Our ambition is to help you to reduce the learning curve by taking in charge all preparation works and technical studies linked to your project. With our help, you could dedicate all your time and effort on sales and marketing aspects and be in the best position to choose the most effective way to promote your project and maximize your chance of successful.

Our expertise

  • International business
    • Import/export support
    • Incoterms knowledge
    • Documentary Credit
  • Supply chain organisation
    • Diagnosis
    • Conception and design
    • Project Management
  • Customs
    • Safety/Improvement
    • Dual use items
  • Purchase Services
    • Tender management (for freight, logistics hub, forwarding, clearing…)
  • Business Control
    • Cost and resources committed efficiency
  • Human Resources
    • Change management
    • Interim management