An economic environment to master

We have a real and strong knowledge about AFRICA

  • 15 years living/working in West Africa
  • 26 years acting as head of supply chain of the main specialized distributor group in

This highly coveted Continent develops a specific economic model.

We could bring to you the main keys for a realistic approach on:

  • These 54 markets, united in one new global market to build (ZLECAF) since 1st of January 31, 2021, and their quick evolution with period of strong growth alternating with deflating periods.
  • These economic models where formal and unformal sectors are very closed with indefinite borders.
  • Complex and volatile regulations which could generate some insecurity for formal companies.
  • Transportation, logistics structures missing to answer to the economical request, but with quick and strong evolution.

Our experimented and successful practice during the last fourty years on this continent, let us bring you the necessary knowledge to build an efficient, strong and competitive supply chain to your business.